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White Pine Island Stories, book 4


A murder mystery weekend at the Grand Hotel reveals a case of true love


Cora Phillips plans a murder mystery weekend for a special group of guests at the Grand Hotel, but a jewel thief takes the action in an unexpected direction. To unravel the heist, Cora relies on a handsome local cop who discovers the clues to the mystery and the keys to her heart.

Tim Newcastle takes the job of island cop on peaceful White Pine Island, but the quiet pace offers him no chance to gain the heroic acclaim he craves. When he chases down a threat to Cora’s beloved family hotel, he discovers what being a hero means.


Love, like fine wines and classic homes, becomes more delightful with time…


Ten years ago, Vintner Anthony Donati foolishly pushed his young love Katherine Phillips away. When she returns to White Pine Island, divorced and with a daughter, he sees an opportunity to right the past. Katherine, recovering from the stress of a bad marriage, wants to prove her independence to herself and her family as she takes on the massive renovation of the Plantation House. The centuries old structure deserves a second chance so she works to revitalize the building in time for its grand opening during the Thanksgiving holiday.

As Katherine’s romance with Anthony rekindles during the autumn days and nights, she wonders if they have a second chance, too. His rejection years ago hurt her deeply, but like the fine wine Anthony produces and her beloved Plantation House, some things improve with age. Can these two lovers cork up the past and move forward into a sparkling future?


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