Check in to the Grand Hotel book series!

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Christmas at the Grand Hotel & Springtime at the Grand Hotel are available now. Summer at the Grand Hotel releases May 1.

I’m always dreaming about vacation. Our family’s guilty secret is that we spend all of our spare cash on travel. It was a day trip that inspired my writing partner and I to create a whole series about a destination island: White Pine Island. This island of our creation off the coast of Georgia has everything a tourist could want. Restaurants, a winery, shops, trails to explore, water sports, beaches, and fabulous resorts. The queen of the resorts is the Grand Hotel. Owned by the Phillips family, the Grand Hotel has invited guests for a century and is the hallmark of elegance. Five course dinners and an orchestra playing dance music every evening make a visit to this island resort something to remember forever.

May Williams and I dreamed up the idea while on a train trip. We rode the Amtrak to Chicago for a book signing event, and we had our notebooks out the entire way there and back. We both love to travel, so a vacation series about a charming Southern Island seemed just right. So far, we are humbled, grateful, astounded, and amazed by the number of books our readers have bought! We’re going to keep the connected novellas coming, and we’re having more fun than we ever dreamed of! Thank you, readers!