Causing trouble

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a notorious bad boy of the Victorian Era. He raised eyebrows in his personal life and caused enough trouble for the characters in his plays and novels to make them very interesting. And funny.

As a writer, I am inspired by him.


I generally avoid trouble in my daily life. I drive carefully, renew my license plates, insurance, and magazines on time so I don’t cause anyone any grief. A world of sunshine and lollipops? I’ll take it.

This brings me to my greatest struggle as a romance writer. I just want my hero and heroine to fall in love and get together. If their eyes meet across a crowded room (hello,  Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific) and they fall in love without any tears or misunderstandings, I’m happy.

But my readers would be disappointed. Trouble is what makes the happy ending more satisfying. I have to keep reminding myself that IT’S OKAY TO CAUSE TROUBLE.

I’m approaching “The End” on a current manuscript and experiencing the gripping fear that I’ve made it too easy for my heroine, Shasta, and my hero, Roger. I MUST go back and raise some hell.

I promise I’ll make it up to them in the last chapter and the HEA will be worth it.

Uncertainty? You got it, Oscar Wilde.