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The Gull Motel checks in with my first RT Review

GullMotel-ADenman-revLGThree years ago, I achieved a lifelong dream of being published. Seven books later, my enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed a bit. A milestone waiting for me on the horizon has been getting reviewed in a great magazine I’ve been devouring for years: RT Book Reviews. I finally made it, and it was totally worth the wait. I am delighted to share this review from the July RT Book Reviews for my June release The Gull Motel.

Here’s the link if you’d like to see it for yourself (I only go gawk at it three or four times an hour, but I’ll understand if you cast off all restraint)

Here’s what RT Book Reviews had to say:

4 Stars!! (I added the exclamation points, but the 4 stars are real!)

This adorable novella will have readers wanting to vacation in a vintage, teal-painted motel. Denman deftly recreates the charm and quirkiness of those aging motels and provides a heroine fresh out of college who becomes attracted to a nice-guy hero. There’s a mystery to be solved that doesn’t detract from this book’s beach-read qualities. The real draws here are the engaging characters and nostalgic tourist-town setting.

I’ve had to fan myself quite a few times and reassure myself (generally consulting my author friends to see if they also saw it or if it was a desert mirage or something) that it really is true. My upcoming The Gull Motel was reviewed in a magazine I admire and consider to be the yardstick for making-it-as-an-author. Better yet, the reviewer “got” my book and her kind review gave me the jolt of confidence and energy I need as I write my next book! Thank you, RT Book Reviews and Cyndy Aleo!