Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cake 18: Ice cream cake for Mother’s Day

cake18mothersdayTotal disclosure and confession: I did not make this. My husband got me an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for Mother’s Day. Isn’t that fun? It was as tasty as it looks. I parked it on my lovely cakestand for a photo op before we devoured it. I don’t think I’ve had an ice cream cake in years–possibly decades. What the heck have I been waiting for? So what that I’m old enough to be somebody’s mother? I love ice cream.

I once went on an ice cream diet in which I attempted to live on ice cream. It didn’t last very long, but somehow I lost weight. Although I tend to be fairly fanatical about fitness and my fridge is full of fruits, vegetables, and organic dairy, I could eat ice cream every single day. In the summer, I think I do!

P.S. Did you see those Oreo cookies? Love’em.

Cake 17: Chocolate Orange

cake17orangeOne of my favorite treats is a chocolate orange. They are easiest to find around Christmastime in my area, but I would imagine a nice candy shop would have them year-round. Ever try one? It’s fun. You smack it on the countertop to “break” the orange into slices. They come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, both equally delicious. I have to ration them out–only two slices at a time or I think I’d eat the whole “orange” in one fell swoop.

Because I love orange and chocolate together, I made an orange flavored cake with a rich chocolate icing this week. The icing is made using Baker’s chocolate and the recipe is from the inside of the box. It’s easy and richly delicious. This cake got great reviews at my house this week!