Monthly Archives: April 2013

Cake 16: The Blue Vanilla

cake17bluevanillaI think my made-up name for this cake would be a great name for a restaurant or bakery, right? In this case, I called it what it was. It’s a French Vanilla cake with extra vanilla in the icing. The slightly obnoxious shade of blue I colored the icing was not entirely intentional. The cake was for my son’s 13th birthday (April is THE month of birthdays in our family) and he loves blue. However, I giddily dumped blue coloring in and flipped on my Kitchen Aid without remembering how much “blue” you get out of blue coloring. Some icing colors take a ton of colorant, some surprise you with their vitality. So that’s what happened. The cake was very blue and very vanilla, but we liked it anyway.

Can’t believe I put thirteen candles on and my “Millenium Baby” is now a teenager.

Another week, another emptied cake plate. Now that summer is coming up, I better line up some summer themed cakes. And stock the baking cabinet to continue The Year of Cake. I’m having a lot of fun, and I hope you’re enjoying a taste, too!

Cake 15: Triple Chocolate Sister Cake

cake15patbdayApril is a month of birthdays in our family. Not that we ever get tired of cake, but we sure have plenty of it! For my younger sister’s birthday, I asked what kind of cake she would like this year.

“Chocolate,” she said emphatically.

No problem! I made chocolate cake, chocolate icing, and poured half a bag of chocolate chips on top for garnish.

I could eat this cake for three meals a day. Confession: there was a leftover piece after the official birthday party, but I did not send it home with the birthday girl. I ate it right off the cake plate the next day. At least I used a fork. I have some dignity.

Cake 14: Dad’s 68th Birthday

dadbdayTomorrow is my Dad’s 68th birthday, but we’re having his party today. A true baby-boomer, he was born in 1945.

My Dad is not an adventurous eater–he’s the kind of man who would order a cheeseburger in a fancy restaurant–so his favorite cake is white on white.

Nice day here in Ohio, so my big plan is pork chops on the grill. Hope the sunshine stays!