Monthly Archives: December 2012

Cake 1: Champagne Cake

In honor of New Year’s Eve, I made the first cake of my YEAR OF CAKE resolution. This is from scratch, the recipe from a vintage cake book. I put classic buttercream icing on it and can’t wait for everyone to try it tonight at a celebration at my sister’s house. No matter how it tastes, it was certainly fun to make. One cup of sparkling white wine for the cake, one cup for me, you get the idea. Happy New Year’s Eve!

2013: The Year of Cake!

For my New Year’s Resolutions, I always choose something frivolous. I just can’t be serious about anything for a full year, so I have fun with it. For example, I have resolved to play the lottery faithfully, have more fun, and go outside and play more. This year, I am declaring  THE YEAR OF CAKE.  That’s right. I plan to make a different cake every week of the year. Can you imagine? 52 different cakes. To get started off right, my husband bought me a book of vintage cake recipes (you’ll be hearing about this) to add to my current collection of cakebooks.

The picture above shows my new cake stand–also a gift from the man who knows the recipe to my heart–on the buffet in my dining room. It has a fabulous glass dome to keep cakes fresh (not that they last long with two pre-teen boys in the house). If my plans work out, I’ll be taking a new picture each week on the same stand. I hope you’ll come back and have fun with me throughout THE YEAR OF CAKE!