Monthly Archives: October 2012

HER LUCKY CATCH is an EPIC finalist!

Wow! I am thrilled to share the news I received this morning! My humorous contemporary romance HER LUCKY CATCH is a finalist for the 2013 EPIC eBook Awards Competition in the category of contemporary romance. This was the first and only competition I have entered, and I am stunned and humbled by the news. There are so many wonderful ebooks out there and being among them is an honor. I have already made my mental travel plans to attend EPICon in Vancouver next March. Congratulations to all the authors chosen as finalists in each of the categories!

The Writing Season

Now that fall has fully established herself in my world, I am in writing mode. I wonder if there is some deep evolutionary reason for my general productivity as the weather cools? Who knows. In the summer, I wander too much and can’t focus. When the nights turn crisp, I hole up in my office–my window on the world–and heat starts rolling from my fingers.

Whatever the reason, my writing ramps up as the temperature goes down. Does this mean a move to a sunnier climate is off the table for me? Perhaps. I love to write about being barefoot on a beach somewhere, but I better stay where the snow flies if I want to make it as a writer!