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I can do it!

This morning, I finished painting the exterior of my house! Let me repeat: FINISHED painting my house. Here’s the tally:

Two months of working EVERY day

5 gallons of primer

21 gallons of paint

3 brushes



In order to appreciate my labor of love, you have to know this about my house:

Built by a shipbuilder in 1910.

About 3,000 square feet

Full basement, two full stories with ten-foot ceilings, full walk-up attic.

In other words: TALL.

Four porches. Bees. Spiders. The hottest summer Ohio’s seen in years.

Done!! I honor of this major accomplishment, I allowed my children (my, how they’ve grown these last two months while I was busy outside…) to eat a doughnut. Heck, I had a doughnut, too. I’ve built enough muscle climbing ladders that I think I’m safe indulging for one day.

Whew. I just had to tell someone. Thanks for listening. In my books, I usually have heroines who surprise people. I surprised myself, my husband, and all my neighbors by tackling a massive project. It’s amazing what one woman can do!


Thanks for downloading HER LUCKY PRIZE!

Thanks to the 841 readers who took advantage of my Free Summer Friday giveaway on Amazon! I was thrilled that so many people grabbed my book for their Kindle. I sincerely hope each one of you really enjoys the book. We all need a smile, and I hope it brings you one.

If you missed the free download, don’t worry! There will be another giveaway next Friday, July 27. I hope to share my writing with you then or any time!

Thanks for being a reader!

Free download Friday!

HER LUCKY PRIZE is a free download on Friday, July 20! I hope you’ll grab a free copy in time for the weekend and enjoy it. If you liked HER LUCKY CATCH, you’ll have fun seeing what happens next with Jazz and Kurt. If you haven’t read HER LUCKY CATCH, you’ll get right up to speed anyway with the romantic adventures of a hapless heroine we can all relate to. Thanks for trying it out! I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s the link to the free book:

Independence Day!

Here are some great ways I’m celebrating Independence Day today:

1. Working on an online class where I’m learning something new. I love intellectual freedom!

2. Continuing my summer job of painting the exterior of my large house. I’m happy to be strong and brave!

3. Kayaking tonight with my family in the dark lake to watch fireworks at our local amusement park. I’m happy for freedom, family, fireworks, and flashlights!

Happy Independence Day to all!