Monthly Archives: June 2012

Liquid encouragement.

Glass half-full? Yep.

Look on the bright side? You got it. 

Pouring rain? Free carwash.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and it isn’t hard to motivate me. I like characters who are like that, too. They may have hapless goofball moments and find themselves in a puddle of trouble, but they’ve got the pluck to pull out of the nosedive.

What’s encouraging me to work on my next novel tonight? Rain. The weather channel is threatening me with a massive green, yellow, and orange blob hovering over my little piece of Ohio. But I have a screened in porch with wide overhangs. I can experience all the cosmic clean smell coming off the raindrops and stay dry. There’s a little lightning out there illuminating the night, but I’m not going inside. Maybe I’ll write a nice stormy scene for my characters. I’ll have to torture them at least a little though, because not everyone has a wide old porch to keep them dry.

My dog Max is nervous, sending me imploring looks and trying to shepherd me inside. His loyalty is a real affliction for him at the moment. I’ll try to get him to look on the bright side. The chewtoys he left outside are going to be so clean.