Monthly Archives: March 2012

Enchanted by a Lily

If you’re captivated by this cover, you’re not alone! May Williams is my critique partner, and I had serious cover-envy when she first shared this with me. Getting the covers for an upcoming book is almost as much fun as signing the contract.

In this case, the cover matches the beautiful story inside. A brave and talented heroine, a handsome and thoughtful hero, and a really interesting setting make this an enchanting read. Step into The Enchanted Florist and you’ll see what I mean. The book is available at Desert Breeze Publishing or from all the usual ebook outlets such as Amazon. If you enjoy it, May Williams has several other historical romances already published or in the works. You can check out her website at when you have a minute.

As always, thanks for reading my thoughts today. I hope you spend many hours enjoying a great book of your choice this week!

Spring thoughts

Today was the kind of day that inspired me to do something I haven’t done in at least five months: wash my car. The weather in Ohio breezed past fifty degrees and we were sitting pretty in springlike sunshine. Of course it snowed four inches yesterday. The snow cover and melt on my car left a long streaky pattern in the one hundred days of salt and grime, so both Chevrolet and I were delighted to end the disgrace with a seven dollar car wash. Coming clean today was like new-shoes-in-the-box smell.

What else is up in hopes of sunshine? My daffodils are putting on an impressive show of bravery, a few hyacinths are having a go at it, and crocuses shoved their way past the frost layer and bloomed madly last week.

I’m watching an almost full moon climb past my office windows. My Farmer’s Almanac calendar identified it for me: the worm moon. I’d have to ask an old farmer for confirmation, but that sounds like a moon letting worms and other creatures know that it’s safe to come out. Cars are glistening in the moonlight while the brush of spring races down inviting sidewalks and past incipient buds.

Welcome Spring.