Monthly Archives: February 2012

Anticipating my Carina novel Her Lucky Catch!

I can hardly believe my fun contemporary romance Her Lucky Catch releases in only a few days. Can I share a few nice things reviewers have said about it? I’m so grateful and excited!

From Library Journal: Jazz is a sassy, fun, accident-prone gal who is trying hard to put her life back together after divorce, and fireman Kurt is just the man to help her out. Denman (Blue Bottle Beach) has written a laugh-out-loud fun read with just the right amount of sweet and steamy romance for those looking for some summer lovin’.—Lisa M. Jordan, Johnson Cty. Lib., Spring Hill, KS

From Kat Latham: Told in the first person by a heroine with a wonderfully quirky voice, this novel is a highly entertaining read. Amie Denman manages to keep it hot and exciting without being overly descriptive in sex scenes, making this a wonderful book for those of you who get uncomfortable reading about detailed sexual encounters.

Fans of Kristan Higgins will really enjoy Her Lucky Catch. I read it while traveling from Denmark to the Netherlands, and it had me laughing out loud instead of pissing myself with fear on the flight or throttling a conductor when my train home was delayed by an hour. Seriously, it takes a lot to keep me in a good mood through a journey like that, and Amie Denman accomplished it.

Wanderlust on my Mind

See these people kissing on the beach? They’re in Key West.

I just returned from a very chilly walk in Ohio, and the church bells ringing the six o’clock hour somehow made me think of travel. Maybe it’s the movie I just watched about Paris.

I’m about to put on my swimsuit and dash onto our back porch where a hot tub for two is always 102 degrees. My dog usually sits faithfully next to the hot tub. That reminds me of Steinbeck traveling all across the United States with his dog Charley.

What’s happening here? February wanderlust. I’ve been so strong, but it hit me like a ton of bricks today. Maybe I can blame my mother. I called her earlier and she was making a puzzle with a picture of a great vacation spot in Virginia. She’d just finished her Arizona puzzle. I was afraid to ask what state was up next. This is, apparently, a hereditary condition.

My husband got the oil changed in his truck today and there’s money left in our bank account this week. I could be packed in eight minutes if anyone would just say the word…

I’m a reader

I’m taking a break from writing this week and reminding myself why I’m a writer. I’m reading like a maniac, and it’s taking me back to when I was a kid. I grew up only a few houses down from the library–my father is currently the president of the board of trustees of that same library–and reading has always been my pleasure and my escape. So far this week, I’ve read the fairly serious Jane Austen update Death comes to Pemberley, the much-raved-about Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and the sexy and fun Jill Shalvis novel Simply Irresistible.  I feel like I’m on vacation, indulging in reading and tackling the stack of to-reads. I believe I may have inherited this quality of loving reading almost anything. My grandfather, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing because he died right before I was born, was notorious for always having a pile of books by his chair and reading an entire book every evening. He would read anything: popular fiction, westerns, mysteries, or nonfiction. Imagine how much reading we’d do if we turned off the television every evening and tackled the stack by an easy chair. This would also mean consuming fewer chips because I have standards: I don’t eat and read at the same time. The reading binge continues with a Tessa Dare marathon the rest of the week. I have a great leather chair waiting for me by the radiator.