Monthly Archives: November 2011

Still playing the numbers…but it’s the same old song.

As we enter the home stretch and final two months of 2011, I am pleased to report that I have stuck with my New Year’s Resolution like a mama bird sitting on eggs. Sure, there were a few weeks in which I may have neglected my shot at the big payoff, but those were in the minority. I played faithfully and hard. There ought to be a locker room or at least an official cheer for the verve I’ve brought to the game.

Am I rich? Did I hit it big? Not yet, but the season of miracles is upon us. I’ve hit the $2 payoff several times and rolled the dough back into my resolution, but I’m going to have to follow the rainbow just a little farther for the pot of gold.

In addition to my solitary playing habit–much like drinking alone–I’ve joined a club and bellied up to the workgroup bar now. We play once or twice a week, cheerfully handing over singles to the man in charge of collecting our dreams for Wednesday and Saturday’s big drawing.

Roll the numbers, friends. The jackpot is still out there.