Monthly Archives: March 2011

I saw the sign

Some people look in a three-way mirror and realize the crow’s feet are more than just the result of bad department store lighting.  Sometimes, I catch my reflection in the side mirror of my car and realize those gray hairs are winning the numbers game and it’s time for chemical warfare.  Once in a while, a sign is more overt.  And ten feet tall.  Driving down the interstate highway yesterday, I saw a massive sign announcing that the Mega Millions lottery is up to $172 million.  Excitement coursed through my veins until I remembered that I had fallen flat on my New Year’s resolution lately.  Lucky for me, that sign jolted me into reality and I’m back in the lottery saddle. I’m hitting the gas station tonight…uh, wait a minute…does that phrase make it sound like a robbery?  What I really mean is that I’m lining up with the addicted tonight and getting my fix.  Hmmm.  Not much better.  Maybe this lifestyle isn’t for me.