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Time for Carousel Nights!

I’m thrilled Carousel Nights, the second book in the Starlight Point series, releases on Monday, August 1! Readers met the Hamilton family in Under the Boardwalk, and I hope they will be excited to see what happens in book two. The third book, Meet Me on the Midway, releases in December.

official front cover


I love a “second chance” story and a “friends to lovers” story, and Carousel Nights is both! Here’s part of the official back cover copy:

Every first love deserves a second chance.

In the second book of the series, June Hamilton has come home to revamp the live shows and theaters of Starlight Point. She’s not planning to stay, but the sweet sounds and sights of Starlight Point draw her right back where she started.


As an added bonus, Harlequin is putting Under the Boardwalk on sale for the month of August. Use coupon code STARPOINT30 for a 30% discount on the first book in the Starlight Point series when you buy an ebook from the Harlequin site.

sale banner

I love meeting readers!

Maybe it’s because I love reading so much, too. Meeting readers of my books and ANY books makes my heart sing! Yesterday, I traveled to Bookcon in Chicago with my critique partner, May Williams.

1463248309573765b575edcMay and I had fun at the photo booth, met lovely people, and enjoyed the thrill of being with fellow book lovers. We were fan girls ourselves for a while–got a signed copy of Robyn Carr’s and Elizabeth Hoyt’s new books–and then I had the great experience of signing my own books.



The Romance Writers of America, an organization that does so much for the profession, invited romance authors to sign books in the RWA booth at BookCon in Chicago.

See how hard I’m working, here?


Harlequin generously shipped 100 copies of Under the Boardwalk to the show, and I got to sign and give away 100 copies to readers.





While I signed, I chatted with readers about my favorite topics: summer, beach reads, amusement parks, roller coasters, and the best places in America to go for great rides and funnel cakes.20160514_150139





It was such a pleasure sharing my books with readers, and I hope they will love Under the Boardwalk!

By the way, the second book in the series Starlight Point Stories has an official cover now. I love the colors, the artwork, everything! Carousel Nights releases August 1, and you’ll hear more about it soon. I promise!

official front cover

As always, thank you readers!

What I’m working on right now:

I’m busy, busy, busy, and I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s what I’m working on:

  1. Still celebrating Under the Boardwalk being released in digital last month and print this month. Harlequin Heartwarming is a wonderful line of books, and I’m so happy to work with the great people there!
  2. 9780373367740The second book in this series now has a title: Carousel Nights. I love the title because it says romance and takes you right away to an old-time amusement park. It’s perfect for the book, and I can’t wait to see the cover the wonderful artists at Harlequin create. That book releases in August, 2016, so I’m working on edits right now.
  3. The third book in this series of Starlight Point Stories is about one-quarter done. I love every page of the process because the setting and characters are dear to my heart. Writing about summer love is the best way to spend February and March!
  4. I’m lucky and thrilled to write a novella for this year’s Heartwarming Christmas anthology. The connected stories are all Christmas-themed, of course, and writing in this format gives me a chance to collaborate with very talented people. My partners for our part of the set are Roz Denny Fox and Dana Mentink, both of whom are lovely and creative! I really need to get that story on paper…
  5. I have started a new series based on a group of firefighters (swoon, my favorite!) in a coastal town of Virginia. I hope to share more news about that series later this year. Book one is complete, and there are five more in my head.

As you can see, the snowy weather is not bothering me because I’m snuggled up in my office doing what I love!

Enter to win January releases! #AmazonGiveaway

Our January Harlequin Heartwarming releases are the first to be available in print format through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and we have a special giveaway for you.

Each of us—the four authors with January releases—is giving away five books. Yes, this means twenty books to be given away in total. And your odds of winning are one in 500!

It’s simple to enter. All you have to do is click on the book titles below, follow us on Amazon, and you will know right away if you’re a winner. There’s no waiting! If you win, the book will be on its way to you direct from Amazon.

The giveaway is open until 11:59 PM PST on January 27th.

Since ALL Harlequin series titles are now available in both print and ebook format, Harlequin also has a giveaway right now. Find out more here.

Happy New Year 2016! Welcome to Starlight Point.

9780373367740I believe this cover says it all…

What a great way to welcome 2016–a book release from the amazing Harlequin Heartwarming line. I’m delighted to see my Starlight Point Series published by Harlequin. Book 1 releases on January 1, 2016, and books 2 and 3 will follow in summer and fall, 2016. The books are available in digital and print format and will be carried in select Walmart stores across the country.

I love summer, amusement parks, and falling in love–and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this new series.

Welcome to 2016 and Starlight Point!

New Year…New Releases…Fabulous Prizes



The New Year is coming… We’ll be sad to see 2015 end, but look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring. We know one thing it will definitely bring, more Harlequin Heartwarming releases! We’d like to start the New Year off right by sharing our January releases with you and also giving away some copies along with an Amazon gift card. Find out all about these new stories, check out our upcoming Facebook party, and enter the giveaway below…


Under the Boardwalk by Amie Denman

Everyone’s counting on him

With the sudden death of his father, Jack Hamilton finds himself running the family amusement park, Starlight Point. His first job? Balance the books, and that means raising the rent for vendors like baker Augusta Murphy.

Gus won’t accept the new contract…not without a fight. She rallies the other vendors and sets out to negotiate with Jack. At least, she tries. How do you play hardball with a man who’s charming and kind and still grieving? Gus needs to figure it out fast, because the closer she gets to Jack, the more she risks losing everything.


Find out more and connect with Amie on her website.

When Love Matters Most by Kate James

Keeping her safe at all costs

Could their backgrounds be any more different? Rick Vasquez, a K-9 unit sergeant with the San Diego Police Department, fled drug-related violence in Mexico as a boy. Madison Long, who recently became primary veterinarian to the SDPD’s canines, is the privileged daughter of a judge. Rick has dedicated his life to curtailing cross-border drug trafficking and preventing other young boys from being drawn into the dark world of the cartels. But everything Rick and Madison value, and the growing love between them, is threatened by the dangers of Rick’s job, and the risks he’s determined to take…


Find out more and connect with Kate on her website.

A Boy to Remember by Cynthia Thomason

You can’t live a lie forever

One magical summer—that was all it took for Alexis Foster to fall deeply in love with Daniel Chandler. And then she gave him up to keep Daniel from sacrificing his own dreams. But the passionate bond they shared is rekindled when Alex returns to her family’s farm…with a powerful secret.

Ohio’s youngest state senator, Daniel’s star is on the rise. He’s also discovering a kindred spirit in Alex’s seventeen-year-old daughter. Alex has to tell him the truth even at the risk of his political future…even if it costs her the two people she loves most.


Find out more and connect with Cynthia on her website.

The Missing Twin by Pamela Tracy

The secret between them

Angela Taylor knew her sister was in trouble. For anyone but a twin, her instincts would seem crazy, and her actions crazier. Picking up and moving her and her daughter, Celia, to Scorpion Ridge, asking questions, put them all at risk. Even more risky was trusting Jake Farraday, the handsome ex-cop turned forest ranger. Years in witness protection had taught Angela to trust no one. Yet with Abigail missing, Jake was her only hope, and she found herself wanting to share more of her past with him. And more of her future. But did Jake have his own motives for helping Angela?


Find out more and connect with Pamela on her website.

You can also purchase all four together at HarlequinAmazon, and B&N, and from December 1st to January 4th, readers can Buy One, Get One 50% off all Harlequin series books at Books-A-Million stores across the US!
To win more prizes and chat with all four Heartwarming authors,
come join our Facebook Party on December 29th!
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Grand Prize Winner: $40 Amazon gift card and signed print copies of all four Heartwarming books
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Four – Third Place Winners: signed print copy of one Heartwarming book
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Ends December 22nd

We hope you will enjoy some Heartwarming this coming year!

Harlequin Heartwarming is on fire!

I can’t believe my good luck. I couldn’t have chosen a better time to join the Harlequin Heartwarming family of authors. Here are some amazing things happening with the line of clean, wholesome romances:

Free online reads throughout November:

twitter banner and calendarA Heartwarming Christmas Anthology:


The VERY great news that Heartwarming books will be in Walmart in January! This means you’ll be able to get my January release Under the Boardwalk in Walmart in February (print is running one month behind digital and direct-to-consumer).


See what I mean? This is a great time for me to have the privilege of writing for Heartwarming, and an even better time for readers to discover a line of sweet romances that we hope you’ll come back to month after month. Thanks, readers!

Beach reads extend summer

It’s true! Summer has been extended. Just because the calendar and little details like the “harvest moon” suggest summer is over, it’s always summer for me. Reading and writing beach reads makes me happy, and I hope you feel the same way. September has been a historic sales month for my beach reads, and I’m so grateful to my readers!

GullMotel-ADenman-revLGwill work for love coverBBB_final_MD9781426893315_large

Ready for more Unforgettable Heroes?

UH2-Facebook-AdThank you, readers, for loving Unforgettable Heroes. That boxed set is still flying off the shelves. We just couldn’t resist bringing you more of what you love! For less than a dollar, you can get 13 (this is lucky, trust me) great novels, all of them featuring a hero you’d want to take home with you.

I’m really excited to have my novel THE GULL MOTEL featured in this one. GullMotel-ADenman-revLG

The hero’s name is Skip McComber. He can handle a toolbelt, open his own business, and woo the heroine. And if he does break a sweat…heck, that just makes him even more sexy!

Here’s a little more about THE GULL MOTEL:

Savvy Thorpe needs a vacation. Finally finished with college, she heads to her favorite shabby motel on Florida’s Gulf Coast where her aunt and uncle always save her room twenty-four. She quickly finds out, though, that The Gull Motel is not just her home away from home. It’s hers to manage while her aunt and uncle take an extended trip.

Skip McComber, The Gull’s former maintenance man, has been working on Savvy’s nuts and bolts for years. Now the new owner of the bar next door, his mission is to renovate a pirate bar while being a walking temptation for the girl he can’t get off his mind.

Look for UNFORGETTABLE HEROES II at these retailers:



May Williams releases new “Michigan Moonlight” series

If you’ve been following May Williams the past several years, you probably already know she is a master at historical and contemporary romance. This summer, Penner Publishing will release three books in a row: Animal Prints, Snow Prints, and Finger Prints. All three books take place in Michigan (the official series title is Michigan Moonlight) and are loaded with romance, emotion, and wit. Here’s a little more about the first release, Animal Prints:


Photographer Ian Kroft’s dream is to finish his book on fellow veterans. When his father offers him the funds he needs in exchange for persuading a family to sell their farm, it sounds simple. Then Ian meets Colette and in a flash everything changes.

Cherry Ridge Farm is home to Colette’s family—and to her animal rescue center. The slim, gorgeous veterinarian has no intention of selling. Soon Ian’s chasing after her runaway dog and laughing at her jokes, and he knows that if he lets slip his real purpose, she’ll never forgive him. Ian’s torn between his book and his new romance…all while his father is clamoring for him to seal the deal.

Colette can trust a dog to come back when she calls, but a man? Colette’s been burned more than once. Then a sweet, athletic photographer pops into her life and makes her wonder if it’s time to picture a new future.

And here’s an excerpt from Animal Prints:May Williams Animal Prints

“Colette, you in here?” Ian called. “Brought you some coffee and a doughnut.” A hay bale hit the ground near him and he stepped back to look up at her. “You don’t want a doughnut?”

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

Ian glanced over his shoulder to see if someone was behind him, then shrugged. “Bringing you coffee.” He raised the cup in her direction. “What’s the matter?”

“I thought you left,” Colette said, starting to feel foolish, but sounding nonetheless petulant.

“I did leave to take some pictures down at the lakeshore. I drove over to park at Lexy’s house so I was closer to the water, then she gave me food. Does she give everyone food?”

“Yeah. Doesn’t make you special.” Colette climbed down the ladder from the loft and stripped off her gloves. She reached for the coffee, still upset.

Ian held the coffee just out of her reach. “You thought I left, like, forever.” He sounded puzzled.

“You didn’t leave a note or bring anything into the house last night,” she said, not losing the edge of anger. “It would have been an easy escape.”

“Is that what you think I want? You know something?” He put the drink and bag down on an upside down bucket. “You’re pissing me off.”

“I’m pissing you off?” She came closer and poked him in the chest. “You’re the one who left without saying a word.”

“For a couple hours to take pictures. That can’t surprise you.” He folded his fingers around hers to stop the prodding.