Sweet, But Sexy Boxed Set

Turquoise Morning Press presents eight sweet contemporary romance stories that will convince you that sweet can still be sexy! We’ve selected stories from some of our most popular romance authors to showcase in this set – stories that will take you from the beach to Christmas, from small town to big city, from keeping secrets to building dreams.

After all, sweet and sexy romance, comes in all shapes and sizes, right?

Only $.99 for 8 sweet romances and 2 bonus stories!

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The Gull Motel

From RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

"This adorable novella will have readers wanting to vacation in a vintage, teal-painted motel. Denman deftly recreates the charm and quirkiness of those aging motels and provides a heroine fresh out of college who becomes attracted to a nice-guy hero. There’s a mystery to be solved that doesn’t detract from this book’s beach-read qualities. The real draws here are the engaging characters and nostalgic tourist-town setting."

Savvy Thorpe needs a vacation. Finally finished with college, she heads to her favorite shabby motel on Florida’s Gulf Coast where her aunt and uncle always save her room twenty-four. She quickly finds out, though, that The Gull Motel is not just her home away from home. It’s hers to manage while her aunt and uncle take an extended trip.

Skip McComber, The Gull’s former maintenance man, has been working on Savvy’s nuts and bolts for years. Now the new owner of the bar next door, his mission is to renovate a pirate bar while being a walking temptation for the girl he can’t get off his mind.

For Savvy, keeping her cool running a motel in Florida heat is one thing, but navigating the steamy waters of a former fling takes a whole other kind of savvy. In addition to the motel and the man next door, Savvy stumbles on a plot to swindle land from the residents of Barefoot Key. Devalued properties tumble like dominoes until Savvy musters her colorful crew from The Gull Motel to make the pillagers walk the plank.

Gull Motel - Amie Denman

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UNFORGETTABLE HEROES - Eight Contemporary Romance Novels Boxed Set

Eight Amazon top-selling authors share their favorite contemporary romance heroes--all boxed up for you in one sexy and irresistible package! From a sexy carpenter to magnetic CEO, a rough-and-ready cowboy to a homeless man, a classic car buff, a starving artist, a Latin-style dancer, and an FBI agent--each unique hero has his own story to tell, and a heroine who just can't forget him. Ever.

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He's on Her Trail

Just out of the Coast Guard, Jo Caldwell dreams of settling along the lakeshore where she spent her childhood summers. A ranger job at the state park—running a recreation trail—seems perfect. Until she is drawn into a mystery that could change her trail and her life forever. When a handsome stranger appears on her trail, she must choose her path: righting an old wrong or finding a new love.

Just passing through town, Henry Bishop is hoping for the next research grant to come through and give him a job. Discovering a secret his family has concealed for years puts him on a hazardous path where he risks his future to free his past. When he runs into an intriguing park ranger, he has to watch every step when He’s on Her Trail.

A Turquoise Morning Vintage Category Romance Special Edition
Available as an ebook, November 2013
Novella, 28,000 words

Read chapter one now.

He's on Her Trail

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Will work for Love

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Will Work for Love

Amie DenmanWhen Hurricane Destiny sweeps across the island of St. Thomas in September, the East family isn’t worried about their vacation home. After all, a property management company handles insurance and repairs. Just to be sure, they send maid of honor Whitney Oliver to St. Thomas for a two-week vacation just prior to the Christmas Eve wedding of their daughter Taylor.

Instead of a tropical vacation, Whitney finds an estate heavily damaged and untouched by the contractor who cashed the checks. With only two weeks to pull the venue together for a wedding in paradise, she accepts the help of a sexy islander with an amazing skill for construction. Chris Maxwell, owner of Blue Isle Construction, is blown away by Whitney the moment she arrives on the island. Putting the East family estate together board by board is the only thing he can do to help Whitney—and himself. Working side by side and day and night by the sparkling blue water’s edge, Whitney and Chris fall hard for each other. Hurricane Destiny brought them together, but will secrets surrounding Chris’ construction company tear them apart?

Her Lucky Prize

In Her Lucky Prize, a light contemporary romance, Jazz Shepherd uses her spunk to seal the deal with hottie fireman Kurt Reynolds and save another cause near and dear to her heart. This follow-up to Her Lucky Catch is about claiming her man and solving a big cash fiasco that is-technically-not her fault.

Part romance and part humorous suspense, in Her Lucky Prize kindergarten teacher and hapless heroine Jazz must raise fifty thousand bucks between Halloween and Christmas or her school will close and she’s out of a job. That’s not her only problem. The FBI taps her sleuthing skills once again to shut down a drug ring operating out of a sleazy local tanning salon.

Is Jazz talented enough to take on Kurt as a full-time flame, save her school from disaster, and close the lid on the tanning salon? With a little bravery and a lot of luck, Jazz may find a lucky prize from someplace she never expected.

Her Lucky Prize

Amie Denman

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Her Lucky Catch

Her Lucky Catch is a contemporary romance that’ll make you smile.

Recently divorced kindergarten teacher Jazz Shepherd is starting a new life in the quaint lakeside town of Bluegill. After taking a summer job at the local marina to help make ends meet, she's stunned when the chief of police enlists her help in solving a crime.

Money has been disappearing from the city coffers, and a trail leads from Bluegill's mayor to Damien Cerberus, a rich boat owner—and possible killer. The police chief is short-staffed and in need of someone to keep tabs on the suspect. Jazz's job at the marina puts her in the perfect position to help—and puts her in the path of Kurt Reynolds, the hottie who mans the fireboat.

When things with Kurt start heating up, how can Jazz keep her investigation undercover while enjoying time under the covers with her summer flame?

67,000 words, ebook only

From Library Journal: Jazz is a sassy, fun, accident-prone gal who is trying hard to put her life back together after divorce, and fireman Kurt is just the man to help her out. Denman (Blue Bottle Beach) has written a laugh-out-loud fun read with just the right amount of sweet and steamy romance for those looking for some summer lovin’.—Lisa M. Jordan, Johnson Cty. Lib., Spring Hill, KS

Blue Bottle Beach

Blue Bottle Beach is a contemporary romance that will take you to the hot sands of Key West.

There’s no better place for a bachelorette party than Key West, Florida. Jackie and her accountant friends call in sick and escape wintry Chicago to celebrate in the sunshine, but an unexpected twist breaks up the party. On her own for a weekend in America’s least inhibited city, Jackie meets a man who makes her heart do a tropical dance. Mitchell is handsome, charming, and knows just where to touch her. If he looks a little familiar, the thought is quickly lost on the hot sands.

Mitchell finds Jackie equally irresistible as he romances her on Blue Bottle Beach, but he has no idea she should be in her cubicle in Chicago balancing the sheets for one of his many companies. What will happen when Mitchell and Jackie eventually look past their attraction to discover he’s her boss? Will a hot weekend in Key West still sizzle in wintry Chicago at the corporate Christmas party?

45,800 words, available in print or ebook

Flirty beachtime fun wrapped up in a story that kept surprising me.
--Goodreads reviewer Kat Latham

Blue Bottle Beach

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Summer Shorts Amie Denman

Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts is a collection of light romantic reads about love, life and endless summer nights.

With everything from a first kiss, to the rekindling of a long marriage, there is something for everyone. Beaches, cruises and summer days, perfect for tucking into your beach bag or your e-reader, and heading off to lie in the sun, bask in the warm breezes, and dream….

38,000 words, available in print or ebook

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